FAQs star

So, is this REAL poop?

No, that would be disgusting and much weirder than we intended.  It does however look pretty damn good.

What if I don't know this annoying bastards address?

Know where they work?  That address is generally easy to find.  How about you just have us send it to you and you can hand deliver it?  You're sneaky.  Put it on their desk.  Put it on their steps and set the box on fire*.

*Don't do that.  Never do that.

What color should I pick for the filler again?

RED = Republican / Conservative
BLUE = Democrat / Liberal

Do you ship internationally?

Not yet, but check back soon.  It's on the list.

Should I tell them it was me that sent them the poo?

That's between you and Jesus.

What is you return policy?

Return the Poo in it's original condition and packaging within 30 days, and you get your money back...  easy peasy.  Buyer pays return shipping.